Welcome to Riverside Players


 C U R R E N T   P R O D U C T I O N

Our panto for 2018 will be
Directed by Jill Dady

A read through will be held on
Thursday 5th July
at 8pm at the Memorial Hall.

Auditions will be held on
Monday 3rd September
at 8pm at the Memorial Hall.

The show will be performed at the Memorial Hall, Old Windsor, SL4 2RN
from Friday 30th November to Sunday 2nd December
and Thursday 6th to Saturday 8th December 2018.

Please email us if you would like to know more.

 T H E   C A S T

Claude Tick-Tock, the Crocodile - Narrator/scene setter (M)

Peter Pan, principal boy - Heroic and dashing, the boy who doesn’t want to grow up (F)

Wendy Darling, principal girl - Sensible and well brought up, motherly (F)

John Darling & Michael Darling - Wendy’s younger brothers, typically boyish (M)

Tinkerbell - Feisty Fairy and Peter’s best friend, partly played by a laser light (F)

Mother - Mrs Darling, loving mother of the Darling children (F)

Father - Mr Darling (M)

Captain Hook - The baddie, posh pirate captain, dramatic and flamboyant (M)

Nana Smee - Nanny and Dame, outrageously over the top (M)

Tiger Lily - A strong minded Indian princess (F)

Mama/Papa - Indian chief - Imposing with a soft side (M/F)

Rum and Coke - Comedy duo - Pirates who work for Hook - mean with a soft side (M/F)

Prosecco and Chardonnay - Mermaids, a bit dizzy and very funny (F)

Slightly - Compulsive liar
Curly - Loveable and bashful
Nibs - The bravest lost boy
Toodles - Always last, misses all the action, naïve, clumsy, likes food
Spooks - Scared of his shadow
Spike - Tough guy, the hardest of the group

The Indians (Booming Voice, Fire Starter and Meek as Mouse), Children and Pirates.
Speaking chorus parts are Meek as Mouse and Pirate 5

 P U B L I C I T Y

Our box office will open in October.

Advertising material for this show will be here soon.

If you can help us to advertise our show by putting a poster up at your work place or anywhere else, you can download a copy here.

Or if you can email the flyer to your friends and family, you can download a copy here.