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PETER PAN, the Pantomime
By Emma Houldershaw, Samantha Cartwright & Louise Archer
Directed by Jill Dady

The Cast
Claude Tick-Tock, the Crocodile - Nadeem Valecha
John Darling - Jake Longstaff
Michael Darling - Josie Clarke
Wendy Darling - Josie Blackburn
Nana Smee - Simon Arnold
Father, Mr Darling - Alan Payn
Mother, Mrs Darling - Susan Pickles
Peter Pan - Vicki Arnold
Tinkerbell - Krystina Houghton
Rum - Susan Bell
Coke - Alex Taggart
Captain Hook - Alan Payn
Spooks - Jessica Davies
Slightly - Tilly Wright
Curly - Maisie Wright
Toodles - Thomas Butler
Nibs - Zachary Gardner
Spike - Muriel Holdsworth
Indian Chief - Roger Blackman
Chardonnay - Kay Smith
Prosecco - Pamela Walters
Tiger Lily - Izzie Holdsworth

Indians & Pirates
Meek as Mouse - Ava Peppiatt
Firestarter - Eva Valecha
Pirate - Hannah Dyson
Pirate 5 - Michelle Rankin
Pirate - Trish Weller

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